Pastoral Support


My name is Sally Alexander and I am the Head of Pastoral Support for our school.

I run all kinds of activities for parents/carers and pupils.

My role within our school is to support any pupil who may have difficulties learning at their full potential due to worries or barriers.

I support pupils through difficult times such as bereavement, low self esteem, peer related concerns, anger, sibling rivalry, new addition to the family, family breakdown and many other issues.

I also work closely with parents and carers to support their child's need and improve their outcomes for school life.

If your have any worries or concerns about your child and would like to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to contact me at school and we can arrange a suitable time to chat.

My hours of work are Monday - Thursday 8.30 - 3pm

My telephone number is 01406 380309


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