Tips for Parents - Numeracy

The Maths Curriculum has gone through many changes this year with many of the objectives for older year groups coming forward into younger year groups. The focus in on embedding learning so the children truly understand what they are doing at a deeper level in order to use it correctly in a range of contexts.

Please help your child as much as you can by practising basic skills such as number bonds, times tables and telling the time whenever you have a few minutes eg walking to school, on a car journey, in the bath!

A great website for help with the basic skills for each year group:

Parents' Meeting Wednesday 25th February

A big thank you to all the parents who atteneded this meeting- it was great to see so many of you. It really was a whistle stop tour of some of the changes so please do not be afraid to come in and ask any of the staff any questions you may have. Mrs Upsall is the school lead for Maths but all teachers will be able to help.

Changes in Year 1 Maths Curriculum  Download

Changes in Year 2  Download

Changes in Year 3  Download

Changes in Year 4  Download

Changes in Year 5  Download

Changes in Year 6  Download

Below are links to the KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) briefly shared with you and the overview for the whole year for all year groups. The PowerPoint presentation is also included for you to remind yourself of anything esle that was spoken of. The links following are to some good websites you may feel are useful for you to use at home and names of some Apps you might like to download for your child to play. This list will be added to throughout the year.

Overview for the year in every year group  Download

 KS1 Autumn 1 Download

KS1 Autumn 2   Download

KS1 Spring 1   Download

KS1 Spring 2  Download

KS1 Summer 1  Download

KS1 Summer 2  Download

KS2 Autumn 1  Download

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KS2 Spring 1  Download

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KS2 Summer 1  Download

KS2 Summer 2  Download

PowerPoint presentation shared with parents



A good website for general Numeracy games is the topmarks site. A great game for children from Yr1 to Yr6 to practise their times tables, divides and basic number bonds is Hit the Button. Click below for the link:

There are other good games on this website for eg multiplication. Have a look by typing eg multiplication into the search box. The game links have a brief summary underneath the titles of what they are for and what age range(s) they are appropriate for.


Number Bonds

Number Bonds to 20-

Number Bonds to 100-


Place Value


Times Tables


Telling the Time

At the end of KS1 it is expected that children should be able to tell time on both clocks to o'clock, half past then 1/4 past and 1/4 to in order to answer simple problems. In Year three children work on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and using this knowledge to answer simple word problems eg If a film started at 3 o'clock and finished at 1/4 past 4, how long did the film last? In year 4 we expect children to be more confident telling the time to the nearest minute on both clocks to, again, answer simple word problems. If your child is not at these levels, DON'T panic, know the steps and practise. Make telling the time a part of rweal life!

This website has 3 links that we use in class- Bang on Time is a great game for you to play with your child as is Stop the Clock. The class clock is great for you to work out times together and then perhaps ask some word problems eg If lunch is at half past 12 and it is 10 o'clock at the moment, how long is it until lunch? Let's use the clock to work it out!

This is another good clock to use together.


Other helpful sites for telling the time:



Sumdog is a Lincolnshire Maths Competition that Class 3 have taken part in in the past. It is a great game led website to encourage children to use their Maths knowledge and understanding.

The games online are useful for children to practise applying their basic skills- take a look!


iPad/Android apps

There a many apps that can be downloaded onto your home tablet device for free or for less than £1 that we use in school:

Maths Zombies- Year 2 to 6- great for addition/subtraction/multilpication/division practise

Hungry Fish- Reception and above- addition practise- children enjoy this as it starts off very easy and gets progressively more difficult as number size increases

Coop Fractions- Year 3 to 6- a fun game to match fractions to decimals

Pop Maths- Year 2 to 6- addition and subtraction practise- pop the bubbles to make the answer- against the clock

Maths Bingo- Year 2-6- addition practise (+/x/divide can be purchased)- against the clock, 3 levels of difficulty to choose from

If there are any Maths apps that your particularly enjoys at home, please let staff know! :-)