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Parents Meeting Wednesday 25th February

A huge thank you to all those parents who attended the meeting- it was great to see so many of you!

Below are links to some of the information shared with you as well as the PowerPoint presentation shown in the meeting.

PowerPoint presentation

Overview of New Science Curriculum changes  Download

Changes in the New KS1 Science Curriculum in more detail  Download

 Changes in the New KS2 Science Curriculum in more detail

Any support you give your child at home with practical science will benefit them at school. Below are some links to some fun things to try!

Helpful tips and websites.

This is a website with some good practical science activities to do- great for cold Sunday afternoons... Have some fun in the kitchen!

An investigation we shall be trying in Class 3 this term involves cornflour:

Cornflour on a speaker is a very strange substance- have a look at this video on Youtube!

There are other videos you can look at on Youtube (be careful of the comments posted below the videos though!)

The Science Museum has a great webpage for discovery. The link below will take you to some online games:

The Woodlands Junior site is always good for help with research and homework:

Another good website for games linked to Science themes throughout the school is:

The BBC Science site for Primary School children is also a good place to have a look:

The Human Body and Health for Kids:


Beatrice has told us that these are good apps linked to the body:

Body Parts

Build a Body

My Incredible Body

Thank you Beatrice!

Remember: if you know of any good apps of online programmes, please let us know so that we can share with everyone else.